Saturday, February 04, 2012

Trying to blog more often

Time goes too fast, I feel that I'm so slow on catching up and updating about my life on this blog... It's progressing. It's growing. It's building up, day by day. I will try to update here more.
Often I update events and artworks on the facebook page. I apologize for the laziness and the advantage of the convenience of facebook. If you have a facebook account...please join my little world there.

I have two events in February, one is the Year of the Dragon show at newly modeled GR2! The new space is really nice. The show is up! Please go to GR2 or site to check it out!

Below is my piece

Year of the Dragon - Longevity Noodle 壽麵

Year of the Dragon - Longevity Noodle 壽麵

Year of the Dragon

I have an event tonight for fresh stART 2012 at Arena 1 Gallery the Santa Monica Art Studios. It should be a wonderful event, you can get the ticket on the website or at the door. I will have a new piece in the show along with many artists I adore. Hope you can make it for this one night only event.

fresh stART 2012

My coming shows will be next month, two group shows at Gallery Nucleus and Thinkspace Gallery. I'm also developing a new animation project this year, and also preparing a big show in late summer. Please stay tuned.