Saturday, September 26, 2009

Woke Up In The Wrong Place

I'm having a 3-person show coming up in October. I've been pretty busy making the new body of paintings. I even built all the frames from the raw wood. There's a lot of work to make this show happen. I am going to update more finished and in-progress images in the next couple posts.

Here is a new painting I created inspired by a dream in a dream, I didn't have exactly the same image in the dream. It was something similar that had two different elements, which were conflicted with each other. I think it would be interesting if I put the snack/candy kid characters in the world of where the paper characters live.

Woke Up In The Wrong Place
View Large

Woke Up In The Wrong Place (framed)

16"x12" Acrylic on custom cut birch plywood
19"x15" Framed, custom built shadow box

This piece will be on display for this show:

3 Pins On a Map II : Featuring artists from 3 different locations around the world
Krista Huot - Canada | Kana Ohtsuki - Japan | Jeni Yang - U.S.A.
Oct. 1st - Nov. 1st 2009 | Reception: October 1st @ 7:00pm

Compound Gallery
107 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

Please contact Matt: If you are interested.

More gallery view and detail pictures:
Woke Up In The Wrong Place (detail)

Woke Up In The Wrong Place (detail)

Woke Up In The Wrong Place (detail)

Woke Up In The Wrong Place (framed)

A little work-in-progress snap:
Woke Up In The Wrong Place (W.I.P)


Jennifer Lea said...

these are beatiful,
do u ever have shows in melbourne australia?

JEYA: Jeni Yang said...

Thank you, Jennifer Lea! I haven't shown in Australia yet.