Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Publishing News

My work will be published in a book compilation called "The Ark Project - An illustrated animal bible by artists from all over the world" Created by DGPH and published by IDN. I got the press kit from DGPH recently with some preview images and information, this book is being printed right now and will be released in September this year (August in Argentina) Format 17x21cm, hardcover, 240 illustrated pages.

In this project, each artist is asked to pick and illustrate an animal from the country or homeland they representing. I am proud to contribute a piece based on a lovely mammal from Taiwan - Formosan Pangolin.

I am told to hold onto posting the images of my artwork for this book until the book is released in summer, please wait until to see when this animal bible comes out!

More information: THE ARK PROJECT

If you are in contact with magazines, writers or any other news and bloggers, you can feel free to request the press kit with more information and images about this book from DGPH.

Another little good news: My work "Monkey and Cats (2008)"
Monkey and Cats (Homaouto)
won a Merit award for 3x3 Contemporary Illustration Proshow Annual No.6. This book will be out later this year available on newsstands in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. Please grab a copy and support the contemporary illustration community.

W.I.P snaps with a new painting that will be exhibited at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice this July. More info soon!

Working Snap 5

Working Snap 2

Working Snap 1

A snap of a project I am still working on, all built 100% handmade
Project Sneak (unfiished, it takes time)
According to my facebook:
"Another unfinished painting and sculpture project sneak peak. (100% handmade from scratch)

Designed, woodwork, painted and fabrics sewed by me, with help from welding friend Courtney Hutton who constructed the stool base."

"My concept about this stool is made for pets. It's small and will fit cat's size pets. I hope it will make them hungry too. Attract them and make them want to sit there for a photo shoot (evil)"