Tuesday, August 05, 2008


My site has been down for a while, but It's being fixed right now.

Missed comicon, visited North West to Seattle Washington, instead.

4 Jellies


An old sketch did in june for a bag design, but didn't use.
I hadn't seen the real sea jellies for a while. (until last week - went to 2 major aquariums in the west coast in one week) Sure now I have a better images of moving jellies in my head.


When I was in Washington last week, my friend and I were walking around in Capitol Hills ourselves, like 2 stray cats. Found this card at an Indian tea and books store. The guy at the store joked about us said, "So are you girls going to find some friends to make an elephant now?"

Elephant Orgy Card Scan

Finally back home today! What surprised me was a full of mess...falling objects everywhere on the floor. I was told we had a kind of big earthquake earlier this week in LA...

2 of my big drawers slide opened, Cans and bottles I collected, books and some toys figures fell from high shelves to the ground. One of the sharp object fell on to the drum surface of my sansula piano and is BROKEN!!!
My other thumb piano also dropped high from the shelve.
A tall vase got knocked down.

What an earthquake...

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