Monday, May 12, 2008


Acrylic on wood

A few things done the past week:
1. Start a new freelance project, mostly hand drawn and collage stuff.
2. Took a trip to ASW, shopped enough art supplies, bought another 48x30 wood panel, discovered some small/medium thinner wood panels (frame friendly), bought enough red transfer paper (my favorite), and white.
3. Drew and sketched my theme, 2 wood pieces for next show in SF.
4. Mode opening at Distinction. Hung out with Porreca and Willan. I'm lucky to be in the show with them, they are very sweet and amazing people. Met more friendly people at the opening, what a good time.
5. Spent time with my mother, siblings and animals on mother's day. Happy mother's day, Mom! (and every moms)
6. Gocco some small fabric prints.


... said...


did you see that you were on the front page of the website for juxtapoze magazine??

please come to SF for your opening!

LETO said...

hi Jenny...this serial is amazing...I like it a lot...I'm leto, you can check my work on you like or maybe not!bye and great work again