Saturday, April 14, 2007

Art show (April.14)

There is a big group show I participated opens tonight here
invited by Edwin Ushiro.
I won't be able to go, but welcome to check it out if you are around.

More On The Way
Cel-Vinyl on Wood

friends of ISM[3]


edwinushiro said...

YES! Jeni you have a blog!!!! It was soo awesome to see you at the show. I hope you had a great time. Sorry if my conversation skills suck. But that's what happens when you work alone without any human interaction. Maybe you should visit me before I go insane and can no longer communicate with humans.

Puga Vida said...

Wow,Beautiful paintings. Man i wish i could paint.Ill definetly be back for more, keep up the amazing work

JEYA said...

Wow, thank you both, I was surprised people stopped by this blog.
I am poor at updating and catching up on actually how fast people get on internet and post and response. I have to know how to get my attention away from my nintedo ds some times.

Hey edwin, my friends and I all had fun that night at your show, thanks for the sweet visual environment, great paintings!

We should all go insane, I go insane after consuming all the sweet food. I think it's ok we go insane, and you are just cool that way!

(i can't find a reply link, so I'm posting myself a comment, mmm...)