Saturday, December 29, 2007

Donguri Korokoro Pom Pom

I made a school of breads from my insane passion to chestnuts. Every year of this time, I dream about the warm and tasty roasted chestnut food, cakes and desserts. These little dudes don't taste like chestnut, tho. They are just...well, a 3D form of some little fellows I doodled last year. (I'm saving the real chestnuts to make a cake)

Go picnic!
Picnic Party Jam


Ready a picnic party...for kids

Winter, Roasted, Sugar, Sweet Chestnut, Silly


Paint the mouth line with chocolate

A little documented photo set of how they were made can be seen here:
Growing Kids


Monday, July 23, 2007

Pippi Longstocking - Astrid Lindgren exhibition

Jeya's Pippi Longstocking for Astrid Lindgren Exhibition
Pippi's Picnic
Cel-Vinyl Acrylic on Wood

Pippi's Picnic
A new painting for a Pippl Longstocking show in Italy this September.
Here is the info:

My friends who also drew thier Pippi:
Pippi Longstocking (by Chris Mitchell) -
Mitch's Pippi Longstocking (by Chris Mitchell)
Cute knee-hi socks, sometime garter belts and sometime having her little pantie show off, funny red pigtails and crazy poses. This is Mitch's Pippi!
Mitch's blog -

Apen's Pippi Longstocking (by Apen the BigZai) -
Apen's Pippi Longstocking (by Apen the BigZai)
I also asked my good friend Apen to draw his own Pippi while we were randomly talking about what we should draw that night. Apen was fast, he sent me this quick sketch in email like in 30 minutes or something!
click to Apen

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Untitled LOVE Project

Dream Away
Dream Away
Cel-Vinyl Acrylic and Mixed Medium on Wood

A piece is for untitled LOVE project, an upcoming show this saturday (May/26/2007) at OCCCA.

An emotional project about broken hearts and past relationships, I tried to create an image of dreamy, bitter sweet memories that reflect me when I think about my past loves...




Work Progress:

this painting started with soft color wash




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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vicious Delicious


This show is generated by Save By Art. I was introduced to this organization by artists Lola and Reece, (also curators and organizers of all the Save By Art events) This coming silent art auction is in benefit of The Canadian Diabetes Association. Titled - Vicious/Delicious. It will be held tonight in Edmonton, Canada at The Syndicate.

I made this little drawing on wood for the show (which I really enjoyed making it, and I plan to make some more this related drawings - of food of furs and tails and sweetness)


toast bread (final look)
Graphite and Cel-Vinyl Acrylic on Wood

They also asked all the artists to do a little interesting questionnaire:
1. What is the story or inspiration behind your submitted piece(s)?

2. Having diabetes can be described as a battle of the have and have- nots. What is your biggest vicious delicious temptation?

My answers: I named my piece: Meowwwich (Meow-wich or Meowich)
Meowwwich is something we will never get at a fast food place. If it ever shows up on you table, this whole-cat-sandwich would be the meat lover's first choice! (with more juicy meat) But a meowwwich will also get you trouble. Beware of a hungry cat, it will probably scratch you and eat you back! I like animals and pets, I came out with this idea while I was on my cat-sitting mission. I was with a cat 24-7, she is all I could think of, a lovely, playful, as well as delicious & sweet creature.

It's funny the second question made me think about that I had been drinking JUST ONLY milkshake for a month (last december).

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Art show (April.14)

There is a big group show I participated opens tonight here
invited by Edwin Ushiro.
I won't be able to go, but welcome to check it out if you are around.

More On The Way
Cel-Vinyl on Wood

friends of ISM[3]

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Art show (March.17)

I will attend this opening.

postcard front
postcard back

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fears in Paints

These are 2 of the 4 paintings that I will put in a group show theme about fears of childhood, coming this saturday at Black Maria Gallery

9"x12" (Framed to Approx 10"x13")
Cel-Vinyl Acrylic on Wood

Cel-Vinyl Acrylic / Mixed Medium on Wood

Done these at an art house/studio in Santa Monica

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Childhood Fears No.1

Work in Progress:

Fears No.1

Medium: wood panel / graphite
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I watched Pan's Labyrinth last week, love the scenes, music and everything.

Von Zipper Catalogue

Liz Green Tako

A request of art trade from this amazing talented girl, she is known as stuff sucks creator of stuff sucks comics

I'm this year spot-lite artist for Von Zipper company. A full page in their catalog:

I have a page on Von Zipper's 07 Fall/Winter catalog