Monday, December 04, 2006


My beloved childhood pet, a miniature pomeranian, Doldo passed away in the morning of Nov. 29. 2006

Currently my mind: Blank.

Tee Graphic P2.jpg
Tee Graphic P3.jpg

These are drawings for a California clothing company, Von Zipper. These will be printed as artist series t-shirts for summer 2007.

I finally had food, saw the sun. It seems a little different from last week...actually many things had changed since last week. It's now a different life, a life without Doldo.

I haven't seen anyone or gone out with my "goldfish eyes" (caused by crying over and over) except getting the "seasonal" pumpkin pie milkshake from Jack in the Box. (I haven't gotten one for today's yet. i have been having milkshake everyday, 8 days in a row)

My kind friends, the Oslund family came over to pick me up for lunch. TJ, Maren and their almost-3-year old son, Elliot, I can't tell how happy I saw them. They are a wonderful family.

At lunch I ordered pumpkin pancakes (pumpkin again? yeah, I wish I had a pumpkin pie shake to pair with my pancakes)
I couldn't finish them, of course, these food was huge for my stomach that I only drank milk shake for a week. (my reason for picking milkshake: 1. it stuffs me up, makes me don't feel hungry 2. it tastes sweet, enough sugar for the day to cheer up my mood.)

Food, was great, and great to get to see TJ and Maren and got to speak. I've been only able to talk to people on-line or over the phone. Feeling very unhealthy that way. . .

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