Monday, November 13, 2006

Mac & Cheese Mug Shot

I start eating.

I cooked gyoza tonight.

First thought i could eat 12, made 12, but I stopped at my 8th. I guess my stomach just automatically shrunk in these months.

The rest of those little golden dumplings looked like some sort of mini eels or fish swimming in my soy sauce bowl.

Then i cooked some tea, Oolong tea from Taiwan. Tea are usually great after dinner, especially after greasy food.

Hey the weather is turning cold. I love it, love that I'm wearing scarf, leg warmer and thick socks at home drinking hot tea.

Today I stretched 3 canvases...and I did her. in an unromantic way.

cheese profile left

cheese profile right

I have nothing related to mac-n-cheese girl. She was just one girl that showed up in my dreams before, she swam in the orange water. She had long dreads.

Yesterday I made a frame for this piece, sand to make it fit. Sprayed the final coat of gloss medium on the top, it looks much nicer now.

brace me

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